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In view of the special characteristics of the sold vehicles, repair assignments are often dealt with directly by Faymonville. This efficient round-the-clock service (phone: +32 80 640 188) includes expert mechanics with fully equipped service vehicles who are always on call.

They go wherever help is needed at that particular moment. Specialized mechanics with completely equipped vehiclese are awaiting the order to intervene, anywhere in Europe. We also offer permanent telephone support, as it is often possible to find a ‘remote’ solution.

The service vehicles constitute a veritable repair shop on wheels with compressor, current generator, welding equipment, oxygen flasks, acetylene bottles, a work bench etc. as well as the necessary spare parts for every sort of repair.

Outstanding mechanics

Arno Faymonville and Sandro Brüls, two remarkably skilled mechanics and specialists of trailers, speak several languages and get along in every situation. They are able to solve most difficult problems, that cannot be managed over the phone.